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Kenyir Lake (Malaysia travel tourism)

Malaysia Travel Tourism

Tasik Kenyir is the largest artificial lake in Southeast Asia, extends over 260 000 hectares. It is also Malaysia's largest rock-filled hydroelectric dam. When the area was flooded, was the most hills above the water, creating about 340 artificial islands.

The rainforest that cradles the field gives the lake with an incredible mix of flora and fauna including rare ferns, exotic orchids, hornbills, elephants, and the Panthers. It is believed that the area is home to more than 8000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants and trees, 800 species of orchids and 300 species of fungi.

Tasik Kenyir is located about 55 km inland and Kuala Terengganu is the largest artificial lake in the world. Spans 260 000 hectares, it is a popular destination for nature lovers as it is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest. Upon the completion of hydroelectric dam above water to create 340 islands, more than 14 beautiful waterfalls and a few rapids and rivers. Pengkalan Gawi jetty has boat services for island trips and resort transfers.

Tasik Kenyir is also a gateway to Taman Negara by Tanjung Mentong. There is also an Angler's paradise because the lake is home to hundreds of species of freshwater fish Baung, Toman, Kelisa, Lampam and Kelah. Accommodation ranges from a 3 star resort, chalets on the islands, floating resort or houseboats where rooms and meals there. The houseboat travels to waterfalls and fishing sites show an exciting adventure for nature lovers.

How to get Kenyir Lake
Kenyir Lake is approximately 55 km from Kuala Terengganu. Gawi Jetty is the main gateway to the lake beside Pengkalan Utama. It is completed with Tourist Information Centre and Wildlife Department and a parking place for most of the houseboats.

By Car
There are several alternatives to access to Kenyir Lake. If you travel in car from Kuala Lumpur, head to Ajil through Karak Highway to Jerengau-Jabor Highway then onwards to Kenyir. Another alternative will be taking the coastal road through Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and then Kenyir Lake.

By Bus
There is one direct bus Kenyir Express departs daily from Kuala Lumpur to Gawi Jetty. Bus leaves Hentian Putra at 8.00pm and fare costs RM 25.00.

By Taxi
Taxi services are available from the airport in Kuala Terengganu direct to Gawi Jetty. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

By Air
Choose and Takes whatever that suit your pocket by going with the Malaysian Airline or the Air Asia. Both operates regulars flights to Sultan Mahmud Airports in Kuala Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Then from Sultan Mahmud Airport go take a Taxi straight to Tasik Kenyir which is only RM 60.00 while to Kuala Berang will cost you about RM30.00

By Boat
It is close to not possible to enjoy the tranquil scenery and atmosphere of the lake without a boat. There are a number of boat operators parking their fibre glass boats as well as double decks houseboat at Gawi Jetty. Prior booking is advisable. Some travel agencies offer package tours inclusive of activities arrangement. Call and check for more detail.

For details:
Tourist Information Centre,
Pengkalan Gawi
Tel : 09-626 7788 or 666 8498 or
Tel : 09-822 3100 ext 103.

Malaysia Travel Tourism


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